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Princess Kyra by Zaria Brown

Princess Kyra: I Can Be Anything I Want to Be! Is about a young Black girl named Kyra who’s mother has instilled the confidence in her to try new things. She believes she can do anything she puts her mind too regardless of what others have to say about it. Princess Kyra is an example of the endless possibilities we can achieve when we lean into imagination and separate from the limitations that others can put on us.

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Desamor y Memorias de una Virgo: The Heartbreak and Memories of a Virgo by Natalia M. Villarán Quiñones

Desamor y memorias de una Virgo (Heartbreak and Memories of a Virgo) is a collection of works from Natalia M. Villaran-Quinones that centers on her navigation of memories from her upbringing and her process of healing and growing from heartbreak as a Fat Black Femme.


Written primarily in spanish, Natalia and her book serve as Black Minds Publishing ‘s first bilinguial manuscript as well as the publishing company’s first Afro-Boricua author.


Journal Entry by jovan mckoy

Journal Entry is a four chapter collection of poems exploring Jovan’s experiences with Black culture, mental health, and love. Through the use of unique rhyme schemes, poignant vignettes, a socially relatable sense of humor, and select forms of poetry from tankas to haikus and sonnets, Jovan crafts an open diary highlighting his internal struggles and the life changing moments that made him the man and poet he is today. This vulnerable and transparent collection is not just for himself, but hopefully a therapy session for anyone who reads it.


Journal Entry is Jovan’s first published collection of poems and the second book to be released by the Black-owned publishing house, Black Minds Publishing, LLC.

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Burned at the Roots by enoch the poet

Burned at the Roots is a vulnerable exploration into the process of confronting generational ghosts. It is a wrestling with the cycles of depression, anger and isolation present in Enoch’s lineage and his constantly evolving war with self to not recreate them. Based on the repetitive nature of fractals, Enoch uses a mixture of poetic form, raw creative imagery, and intimate language to delve into the repetitious patterns of alcoholism, heartbreak, and pain that ripple through his family tree as he enters a dialogue with self around the roots of his vices and the tenderness needed to heal from them.


Burned at the Roots is a necessary and timely follow up to Enoch’s 2017 release, The Guide to Drowning, taking the conversation from the objective world to focus inward on ways his personal world has shaped him.

“Enoch has put together an incredible body of work…Throughout everything his voice is really clear and I think I appreciated that the most.” - Rasheed Copeland


"Be" by lindoyes

“BE” is a digital mini-comic, written by LindoYes and drawn by Laylah Muhammad EL, that illustrates some of the nuances and versatility of AAVE or African-American Vernacular English.

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