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“Those days, I used to ask him what he feared, and he always said, ‘the bottom of a good glass.’ And then he stopped answering. And then he stopped coming home altogether.” This quote from Hanif-Willis Abdurraqib’s book, The Crown Ain’t Worth Much (2016), speaks to the condition of Black people and how our struggle to survive can dissolve us into absence. It is also a testament to Enoch's purpose as a poet, to bring those who fear the bottom of the glass back home.

    Enoch the Poet is a poet, author and teaching artist born and raised on the Northside of Wilmington, DE. His work examines the process of healing and the ways that trauma and mental health move through a family, as well as the outside forces that affect or have affected these developments. His goal is to create work for the younger him, work that deepens our emotional understanding and its cyclical relation to the conditions acting on the Black mind, body, and spirit. In 2017, he won the title of 2017 Philadelphia Fuze Grand Slam Champion and placed 28th out of 95 in the Individual World Poetry Slam in Spokane, Washington. 

    Enoch’s had work published in various literary magazines such as Wusgood and Open Mind Quarterly. He is the author of the 2017 poetry collection titled “The Guide to Drowning” and the 2020 poetry collection titled “Burned at the Roots.”  Off stage Enoch is a teaching artist who creates curriculum that uses poetry as a medium for processing transgenerational trauma. When he’s not performing or teaching you can catch him reading manga, watching anime or serving underprivileged communities as the Secretary and Creative Director of Urgent 365, Inc, a non-profit working to move communities of color forward through resource distribution, educational programming and social wellness events.

    Enoch is also the CEO and founder of Black Minds Publishing, LLC, a national publications platform centered around the personal and professional growth of artists and creatives of the Black diaspora. 

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