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What is Black Minds Publishing?

Black Minds Publishing is a national publications platform centered around the personal and professional growth of artists and creatives of the Black diaspora. At Black Minds Publishing we aim to give more visibility to raw artistic works, both literary and visual, that center on the healing process of the Black mind, body and spirit. We aren’t concerned with the rigid expectations of academia or the “supposed to’s” of artistic gatekeepers and instead choose to prioritize genuine works that have meaningful impact for its readers.

“For a brand new publishing company, I found all of my needs and wants met with little to no issue! So no complaints here. First experience with a publisher and it was a GREAT first impression for sure! Definitely returning for my second book and other future products.”

- Jovan Mckoy, National Slam Poet & Author

The Team



Founder & Executive Publisher


Kassidi Jones



Ronald Daughtry

Finance and Accounting Manager


Hannah Efua Odoom

Black Minds Mag Visual Reviewer


Biljana Nedeljkovic

Book Layout Editor

Black Minds Mag Poetry Reviewer


Ana Castillo Muñoz.

Spanish Editor

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